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One of the largest woodworking trade shows in Russia «ExpoDrev 2017» is over

Yesterday one of the leading woodworking trade shows in Russia and the largest one in Siberian Federal District, the 19th international specialized trade show ExpoDrev, came to an end.

At the closing ceremony Vasiliy Aksenov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee at Siberian Accord Interregional Association, stressed the point that the pre-anniversary project was a success, both trade show and Krasnoyarsk Timber Industrial Forum.

«Krasnoyarsk region is justly considered the center of Russia, as the distance of the region from western and eastern borders is roughly the same. And there is absolutely no wonder that it is here in Krasnoyarsk that such a large-scale trade show and the timber industrial forum are based,» Vladimir Aksenov highlighted. «I was able to visit some events within the forum, and I can say that all of them show the region to be among the leading Russian regions in the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in timber industry. There are, of course, a lot of unsettled issues, an forum’s participants proposed particular ways out of these problems. »

Artem Muradyan, Director General of Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company, when having addressed to visitors and exhibitors, gave a brief overview of three days’ work: «Over 1 5000 specialists from different regions or Russia and other countries have attended our events. That’s good news as, according to experts, after several tricky years the industry is now perking up. I was glad to know from the exhibitors that many of them had managed to make contracts. Those who had come to the exhibition for the first time were able to determine regional market potential. I am positive about next anniversary edition of ExpoDrev to be held at even higher level. »

Furthemore, within the closing ceremony a cooperation agreement has been signed between the Executive Committee of Siberian Accord Interregional Association and a company «Business Marketing». The procedure for signing the agreement has involved Vladimir Aksenov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Siberian Accord Interregional Association, and Konstantin Beznosyuk, General Manager of the company «Business Marketing» (Khabarovsk).

Additionally, this year the trade show comprised over 150 companies from Germany, Austria, USA, Estonia, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Russia. The highlight of the trade show was a demonstration ground, where one could see large machines in action. For the record, only exhibition in Germany and Krasnoyarsk can boast of such a ground.

ExpoDrev 2017 took place in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia Expocentre, Aviatorov Street 19) on September 5-7. In 2018 the trade show will be held from September 4 to 7.

For information on participation in ExpoDrev 2018 please contact the organizers:

+7 391 22 88 602



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