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Krasnoyarsk Region has increased timber felling volume

Ministry of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region

Minister of Forestry of the Region Vladimir Vekshin has recently arranged a meeting devoted to the main outcomes of the industry work in the first half of the year 2017. Heads of regional forest ranger stations, forestry divisions, representatives of civil society organizations took part in this working meeting.

According to the main criteria of social and economic development of forestry in the Krasnoyarsk Region we can trace a positive dynamics in the first half year 2017. The volume of shipped products has comprised over 15 billion Rubles. The volume of lumber output has three times increased compared to the same period last year – over 1,5 mln cubic meters. This is due to the capacity increase at leading industry enterprises - OOO Priangarskiy forest industry complex, ООО Sibles Project, and АО Kraslesinvest. Also we can see the growth of fiberboards output (15,3 mln. square meters) and pellets up to 84 thousand tons. Timber felling volume has also risen – 10 mln cubic meters.

Forest ranger stations and forest lease holders have been facilitating forest regeneration and sanitary measures. The main works are planned for the 3rd quarter of 2017. Vladimir Vekshin made a special accent on quality control strengthening and completion of all works in due time.

Minister assigned to Heads of forest ranger stations to strengthen work for establishment and development of school ranger stations, to take care of the industry veterans, living in the Region.

"In general the situation with forest industry in the Region is quite stable; we fix growth in certain criteria to a great extent due to the implementation of investment priority projects in forest exploitation. At the moment we have been implementing the key activities – forest regeneration, protection of forests from pests and fires. It is essential not to lose momentum, to strengthen control in order to complete all the set tasks in full and in time. We have all the resources for that", – Vladimir Vekshin concluded.

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