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Implementation of investment projects in forest industry at the territory of the region was discussed in Krasnoyarsk

A.i.Krasnoyarsk Region governor Alexander Uhss held a working meeting with headquarters of AFK Sistema – a significant real sector of Russian economy investor, and headquarters of affiliated to AFK Sistema Segezha Group Company – a holding company, incorporating 50 forest, wood-pulp and paper industry sites in different countries.

Meeting participants touched  upon forest-industry complex and regional forest chemical industry,  futures of large-scale investment projects realization in the Region issues. In particular, they discussed the opportunity up to date cutting edge self-contained paper plant construction at the area of northern regions. Making comments on the meeting results, Alexander Uhss emphasized that this project would probably come in to investment portfolio of “Yenisey Siberia” – large-scaled project supported by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“AFK Sistema is a diversified business unit. Its entry to the region area may facilitate promotion of the most wanted focus areas. The first is forest industry. All in all three industrial sites are planned for construction, among them timber and chemical complex, which is our daydream, because its absence is a stumbling stone of our forest industry development.  In two weeks’ time we will prepare and sign relevant agreement, containing time limits, list of objects, as well as required infrastructure support. I assume that AFK Sistema will become one of most important component of a group of companies which are considered “Yenisey Siberia” project flagship,” – said  Alexander Uhss.

According to Segezha Group Company’s Chairman Mikhail Shamolin, investors consider Krasnoyarsk Region has a good potential due to vast forest resources, which are being harvested at competitive on a world-wide scale working costs. “Russia and Krasnoyarsk Region could head the list of the market global players. We are planning to use in hand working capacity as a springboard and then vigorous expand it”, - said Mikhail Shamolin.

PAO AFK Sistema Chairman of board of directors Vladimir Yevtushenkov cited that his company wants to hold a position in the Region because of current Region Head’s striving for attraction of major players to the area. “This will bring tax revenue, foreign culture and more options to the Region. Nowadays if we don’t manage to see eye to eye with the Governor, we won’t enter the area. It happens that in Krasnoyarsk Region we succeed – first of  all we go back a long way with Alexander Victorovitch (Uhss ed. note), being on the same page we are happy to work together. Only in the case of such symbiotic partnership we can produce goods”, - said Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

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