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High quality domestic machines for furniture manufacture to be presented at ExpoDrev

In 2017, in the furniture manufacture section at ExpoDrev (September 5-7) high quality equipment will be presented by the Russian manufacturer Perun Stankocentr (Barnaul).

Machines for the manufacturing of furniture, sports and other goods will be presented at the exhibition including rounding machines KP-61 and KP-62 designed for making cylindrical details from square blanks of different timber, as well as from synthetic materials. This equipment has a lot of advantages. Cutterheads are equipped with European or Japanese bearings, and shaping knife is measured and tooled at CNC machine, what enables precision, efficiency and high quality of equipment. In addition, KP-62 is equipped with a dual axis and takeup drive for reliable broaching and axial feeding precision of blank.

Another exhibit is a grinding machine KPS-80 that is used for quality grinding of round sticks, wood cuttings and pipes from 10 to 80 mm in diameter. The machine features high rigidity, shock proofness and ease of operation.

The international trade show ExpoDrev will take place in Krasnoyarsk from September 5 to 7.

Venue: SIBERIA International Exhibition and Business Centre (Krasnoyarsk, Aviatorov Street 19).

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