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Foremost 3D scanners and X-ray for wood to be showcased at ExpoDrev (10/07)

ExpoDrev, a leading international woodworking project, annually demonstrating all the novelties in the woodworking industry, will take place in Krasnoyarsk on September 5-07, 2017. One of the exhibitors – Rema SAWCO Company from Sweden – will show a wide range of the cutting-edge technologies for automated and electronic timber control.

One of such innovative devices is a new RS-BoardScannerQ that can automatically define all the timber defects, shape and geometry problems and enables to make a precise cutting and optimization of wood materials by quality. The peculiarity of the device is that it does not require turning planks or boards while they pass through it as all the scanning cameras are located below and upon and can make immediate and thorough scanning of the board surface. Due to this one can significantly reduce the size of the premises where board sorting lines are located.

In addition to this, at the exhibition you will see a unique RS-X Ray system. When it is set on a log sorting line, it discovers all inner peculiarities of timber and can help you make sawmilling optimization in order to get boards of necessary sizes and with required properties.

RS-XRay, implemented at log sorting, can forward logs to various sorting boxes, depending on the inner timber properties. Therefore, logs can be sorted out in various parameters: building timber, window timber, etc.

In Russia Rema SAWCO Company is represented by ООО «Sawmill Concept». The stand at ExpoDrev show is В 405.

Please do not forget that ExpoDrev trade show will take place in Krasnoyarsk on September 5-7, 2017 at Siberia International Exhibition and Business Center (Aviatorov St., 19).

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