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«ExpoDrev-2018» – having covered the way from the regional exhibition to the prominent international project

On September 4-7, 2018 International Specialized Woodworking Trade show "ExpoDrev Russia 2018"will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Today it is one of the leading Russian projects in the forest industry that has an international status.

The project started in 1999, when the first exhibition platform «Timber. Woodworking: equipment and goods» was organized in Krasnoyarsk. That time, the exhibition occupied a small pavilion and took place simultaneously with «Furniture salon». At first only local companies from Krasnoyarsk region and Siberia were participating there.

Over the years of its existence, the forest industry project came steadily not only to All-Russian but also to international level. The number of foreign participants and specialists from Europe, Asia and America increased annually. This bias remains the same so far. Therefore, if there were 111 companies from 14 countries (28 foreign exponents) participated in 2016, in 2017 there were already 147 companies from 15 countries (37 foreign exponents).

Russian and foreign businessmen come to the Krasnoyarsk trade show willingly for a number of reasons. First, the regional economy demonstrates stable growth, complex development of the region is performed, new technologies in different spheres come into existence. Second, Krasnoyarsk region is considered one of the advanced industrial regions in forest and workable wood stocks. In 2017 Krasnoyarsk region demonstrated record high timber harvesting – 23,1 mln. cubic meters, a quarter more than the previous year. They haven’t see such a big harvesting volume since the Soviet Union period.

Here what participants tell about the exhibition:

Yana Fentsel, a technical specialist «KAMI-Group» LLC (Krasnoyarsk):

– Every year, we take part in the trade show and we are going to carry on this tradition. We bring the machines, one of them could be seen operating right at the stand. Participation with the real equipment always attracts clients, and one of the machines has already found its buyer. We are very thankful to the organizers for their work.

Weing Zhongde, a sales manager with the machine manufacturing company «Shengong» (Jinjiang, China):

– We are participating in the exhibition for the first time and very pleased how it goes. We achieved our goals: to support and expand brand recognition, to draw custom, to network. Brought equipment have already found its buyers. Our participation at the exhibition always demonstrates, extensive capacities of the company and promotes the brand development. Besides, we have heard good reviews about the exhibition, that’s why we decided to come here. Next year we’re going to provide more equipment and timber to demonstrate the machines in action.

Andrey Kolobov, a DIrector of «ROTOR» LLC (Krasnoyarsk):

– We participate in this trade show for the first time. Our goal was to show the clients and colleagues, that we’ve entered a logging equipment market dead set and for a long time. And we’d like to make new contacts here. And we have succeeded. We exhibited a new thing and it provoked an interest. You may say that the exhibition cannot be more fruitful as it was the first time only. Next year we will represent our own service center and several machines, which can be purchased right at the exhibition.

Please be informed that Specialized Woodworking Trade show "ExpoDrev Russia 2018" will take place on September 4-7, 2018 in Siberia International Exhibition and Business Center (19, Aviatorov St., Krasnoyarsk, Russia).

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