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Experts discussed forest conservation at Krasnoyarsk Timber Industrial Forum

Within the 19th specialized trade show «ExpoDrev» taking place from September 5 to 7, 2017 in Siberian Expocentre, participants of the 2nd Krasnoyarsk Timber Industrial Forum – regional and Russian experts in forest management, scientists and industry specialists have discussed challenges of forest conservation and regeneration on the territory of the region.

According to the forum’s moderator Vladimir Vekshin, Minister of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region, this year a range of issues to be discussed have been slightly changed – from equipment ad machines participants have come over to forest resources, forest regeneration and bio economy. «These issues form the core of forest industry. This is the resources security assurance in Russia. We would like the experts to discuss within round tables the key industry challenges, such as pest management, forest supervision and modern technologies for forest protection, » the moderator specified.

Dmitry Selin, First Deputy Minister of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region, gave a detailed report on forest resources of the Krasnoyarsk region. The speaker mentioned that the region accommodates 14 % of Russian wood. Forest resources are mainly threatened by fires caused by thunders and careless handling of fire, and destructive factors – insects and wood diseases.

«It is important to perform aircraft and ground-based monitoring for fire prevention. This year, just as the previous, up to 57 patrol groups and 25 aircrafts of different types were involved into daily monitoring, » Mr. Selin told about advances in forest fire control.

As for insects substantially damaging forest resources of the country, «there is no question of improvement in the situation». Polygraphus proximus is of special hazard to forests, according to the Deputy Minister, as for the now the insect has ruined over 90 thousand ha of sound wood.

Vladimir Soldatov, Director of the Center of Forest Protection of the Krasnoyarsk Region, took Mr. Selin’s stand: «This is a major concern for today. About 80 million cu m of forests is damaged by Siberian silk moth, and this number is really huge. We would like the problems to be formed and forwarded to the federal authorities in order to be solved at Siberian level. »

Mr. Soldatov asked local residents, as well as authorities and companies related to forest industry, to inform The Ministry of Forestry and the Center of Forest protection of the Krasnoyarsk Region on new areas where insects appear.

At the plenary session Head of Forestry office at the Ministry of Forest Complex of the Irkutsk Oblast Valentin Shirokov reported on the outcomes of the regional pilot project on marking wood arriving at shipping points. According to the speaker, illegal logging is a sensitive problem but it is hard to monitor the situation, so inspectors reveal illegal logging only at shipping points.

«The main goals are: to create a wood accounting system using the only document; to make the acceptance procedure for illegal timber at shipping points unprofitable and punishable; to stop the practice of documents purchasing, » - Mr. Shirokov explained.

Over 10 round tables, seminars and conferences will be held within the forum. Participants of the plenary session expressed their hope that the discussion would help to find solutions to the issues of forest protection.

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