«TechStroyExpo. Roads» - Krasnoyarsk Fair CJSC

«TechStroyExpo. Roads»

January 21 — 24, 2020

«Siberia Expocentre»

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Statistics 2019
Number of exhibitors: 48
Exhibition area (sqm): 2500
Number of visitors: 4777
Visitor’s geography (cities of Russia): 9

Dear ladies and gentlemen! 

Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company invites you to take part in a specialized exhibition “TechStroyExpo. Roads” that will be held on January 21-24, 2020.

Today, due to the active development of Krasnoyarsk Region and a big number of large-scale construction projects, there is a rapid growth of the market of construction machinery and equipment in Krasnoyarsk Region. The same situation is in the segment of warehouse and road construction equipment.

A specialized exhibition “TechStroyExpo. Roads" has become one of the most effective platforms for the presentation of new products in these industries in the region. The project is focused on specialists in the field of road-building equipment and technologies, as well as in the field of warehouse handling equipment and occupies one of the leading positions among the largest trading grounds of Siberian region in these topics.

Exhibition profile:

Construction machinery and equipment

  • Construction machinery and special vehicles
  • Mobile and tower cranes, other lifting equipment
  • Elevator facilities
  • Hinged working equipment
  • Drilling, tunneling and pile equipment
  • Metal scaffolding, scaffolding, auxiliary structures
  • Formwork systems
  • Equipment for the production of concrete and concrete products, concrete pumps, concrete trucks and concrete pavers
  • Manual and portable tools and equipment used in construction, components for construction machinery and equipment
  • Rental of construction machinery and equipment
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Financial and insurance services, construction equipment leasing

Road machinery and equipment

  • Design and construction of roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Road machinery and equipment, materials and structures for construction and repair of transport facilities
  • Equipment and technologies for laying communications, engineering support
  • Technical security measures: equipment for monitoring and controlling speed, traffic lights, road signs, barrier fences, marking, etc.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems in Design, Construction and Traffic Management
  • Special materials and equipment for road maintenance
  • Municipal and harvesting equipment
  • Diagnostics, quality control and safety of road works
  • Software and communication
  • Investment, insurance and leasing of road construction facilities, machinery, equipment

Warehouse machinery and equipment

  • Warehouse racking systems
  • Lifting and transport equipment: forklifts, hand and electric carts, electric tractors, stackers, reach trucks, shuttles, batteries and chargers for loaders
  • Lifting machines – jacks, winches, cranes, elevators, lifts, hoists, lifting tables
  • Warehouse automation tools: warehouse management systems and logistics networks, software for modeling and simulation of logistics systems, identification technologies, electronic devices
  • Equipment for packaging and order picking: conveyors (transporters), trays and pallets for storage and transportation, order pickers, packaging equipment
  • Operational equipment: lighting systems for industrial and warehouse facilities, cleaning equipment, air conditioning systems

Participation in the exhibition and competent presentation of your products and services is a
 work on the profit and image of your company!

Terms of participation in Specialized Exhibition
"TechStroyExpo. Roads"
that will be held on January 21-24, 2020:

1 sq. m. of fully supplied with up-to-date equipment exposition area — 7500 rubles
1 sq. m. of not equipped exposition area — 7000 rubles
1 sq. m. of open demonstration site (not in the exhibition hall) — 4500 rubles
Mandatory registration fee — 9000 rubles
Additional registration fee — 4500 rubles
Price for participation in absentia — 8000 rubles