«Oil. Gas. Chemistry»

November 21 — 23, 2018

«Siberia Expocentre»

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Oil. Gas. Chemistry

March 20-22, 2013

Results in Brief

Gross exhibition area: 3 000 sqm (2 000 sqm indoor and 1 000 sqm outdoor exhibition area)

Number of participants: 96 companies form Russia, Belarus, China, Germany and Moldova.

Number of visitors: 1656 specialists representing 455 enterprises working not only in the oil, gas and geology sectors, but also construction and public-service sectors. The geography of the visitors covers various regions of Russia including 10 regions of the Siberian Federal District, all major cities and 10areas of the Krasnoyarsk region.

Exhibition profile

- Oil Gas Chemistry:

construction, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, pumps, compressor equipment, pneumatics, drives, engines for oil and gas industry, laboratory equipment, valves and piping, petrochemistry, industrial and residential facilities, etc.

- Mining:

technologies, equipment for geological survey, valuation of deposits, extraction of commercial minerals, mineral processing equipment, sorting and crushing equipment, technologies and equipment for opencast and underground mining, measurement and control equipment, mining and pit machinery, investment projects. etc.

- Siberian Geo-Forum:

geodesy, cartography and geoinformation systems, engineering, geodetic and geological researches and ecological audit, land management, land cadaster, intellectual transport systems and GPS-navigation, etc.

Key participants:

Sandvik Mining and Construction

AUMA Gearboxes


Krasnodar Compressor Plant (Russia)

Energoserver (Russia)

Technovek Oil and Gas Equipment Plant (Russia)

RIZUR (Russia)


Omnicomm Siberia (Russia)

..and many others

Special Guests:

Tatyana Zelenskaya, Deputy Mayor of the Krasnoyarsk City

Andrey Fedorov, CEO SUEK-Krasnoyarsk OJSC

Olga Novikova, Representative of Expotronika CJSC

Vladimir Makarov, Director of the Institute of Mining Affairs, Geology and Geotechnology of the Siberian Federal University

Exhibition program included:

- Product Innovation Form Siemens! New Industrial Controllers (seminar)

- KSB Piping and Pipeline Fittings for Water Supply and Disposal (seminar)

- Oil and Gas Sector Automation (panel discussion)

Official Support:

- Krasnoyarsk Region Government

- Krasnoyarsk City Administration

- Krasnoyarsk Region Subsurface Management Department of the Federal Agency on Mineral Resources

- Krasnoyarsk Region Geologists and Miners Association

- Institute of Petroleum and Gas of the Siberian Federal University

- Institute of Mining Affairs, Geology and Geotechnology of the Siberian Federal University

Organizing committee

Alexander Ralyuk

Project Director

T: +7 391 22 88 616 / 617

F: +7 391 22 88 612


International Department:

Maxim Golubotskiy

T: +7 391 22 88 602

F: +7 391 22 88 513

E: msg@krasfair.ru


Oil Gas. Chemistry Mining. Siberian Geo-Forum 2013