«Oil. Gas. Chemistry»

November 21 — 23, 2018


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Krasnoyarsk region is one of the resource-richest territories of Russia. Natural reserves of the region are the basis of its investment potential and further development. There are more than 6 thousand deposits of various kinds of minerals.

Today some of the largest investment projects in Russia are being carried out in the region. Thus, in August, 2009, commercial development of the Vankor Field was launched. Its reserves are estimated at 520 million tons of oil and 95 billion cubic meters of gas.

However the establishment of petroleum extraction industry, new for the Krasnoyarsk region, is not limited to the Vankor Field exploration. Rosneft has already started trial and exploitation drilling of Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye field, with the prospects of about 10 million tons of oil per year. After the decline in hydrocarbons exploration and extraction that has happened in recent years in West Siberia, enterprises in the industry paid their attention to the reserves of East Siberia. At the moment there are over 30 hydrocarbon fields in the region, over 1.7 billion tons of oil and 110 million tons (12 trillion cu m) of natural gas liquid is officially taken into account.

There is no industrial gas production in the region yet but Russian companies, particularly Gazprom has already started exploration and trial drilling here. According to the Eastern Gas Program of the Russian Federation Government, Krasnoyarsk region will become one of four promising gas production centers, which will be a basis for gas processing chains and other infrastructure. More specifically, the possibility of creating gas processing factory and gas chemical complex in the Krasnoyarsk region on the basis of the Sobinsko-Payginskoye oil-gas condensate field is considered at the moment. Thus, the Krasnoyarsk region can enter the “gas market” in the future, and speak by the existing capacities it might have the effect comparable to that one of the industrial oil extraction we have at the moment.

In order to create favorable conditions for development and efficient operation of regional industry, also in a context of import substitution tendencies, Krasnoyarsk Region Government and Krasnoyarsk City Authorities are carrying out works for formation and development of oil related services and oil treatment cluster in the city. Key area of activity is arrangement of condition for increasing involvement of city enterprises in the implementation of orders of oil and gas companies.

The exhibition “Oil. Gas. Chemistry” will become a platform for demonstration of achievements, technologies, equipment in industrial and geological spheres.

Dialogue between scientists, politicians and businessmen within the limits of the business program of exhibitions will allow making strategically important decisions concerning development of the sphere and create the strong base for the further work.

Exhibitor profile

  • Construction of oil and gas wells. Drilling. Equipment and technologies

  • Developing and operation of oil and gas fields. Gathering and preparation of oil and gas

  • Transportation and storage of oil, gas and oil products, equipment and technology of construction and operation of pipelines. Tanks and reservoir tank storages

  • Pumps, compressor equipment, pneumatics, drives, engines for oil and gas industry

  • Valves and fittings

  • Pipe products

  • Oil and gas processing and petrochemistry. Equipment and technologies.

  • Construction of oil and gas industry facilities. Construction machinery

  • Energetic and electrotechnical equipment for oil and gas industry. Cable products. Welding equipment.

  • Control and measuring devices. Metrological assurance, non-destructive testing equipment

  • Equipment and pipelines corrosion protection. Corrosion inhibitors. Insulation materials.

  • Compressed natural gas equipment

  • Analytical and laboratory equipment and materials, furniture. Mobile laboratories.

  • Mobile industrial and domestic buildings.

  • Oil and gas fields exploitation

  • Automation of extraction and preparation of oil and gas to transportation

  • Chemical reagents, additives and materials for oil and gas industry, oil refining industry, oil and oil products transportation.

  • Equipment and technologies for the chemical industry.

  • Petrochemical and chemical production.

  • Rubbers, mechanical rubber production, tires, plastic, polymeric and synthetic materials.

  • Labour safety measures, safety and fire prevention equipment.

Participation in the Oil Gas Chemistry exhibition is a real opportunity for your business development and promotion of your products on the vast Siberian Territory.