«ExpoDrev (eng)»

September 30 — October 2, 2020

«Siberia Expocentre»

ExpoDrev (eng)

September 5–7, 2017

Exhibition area: 6 860 sqm.

Number of exhibitors:

  • Total number (including remote participation) – 147 companies with 37 foreign companies among them.

Represented areas::

  • 15 countries (Germany, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Italy, Slovenia, Japan, Turkey, Russia);

  • 18 cities and regions of Russia (Krasnoyarsk city and region, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tver oblast, Velikiye Luki, Kovrov, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Bryansk, Veliky Novgorod, Perm, Penza, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, Khabarovsk).

Number of visitors representing the industry: 2417 specialists.

Visitors came from:

  • 6 foreign countries (Finland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, China, Germany, Lithuania);

  • Cities and regions of Russia (Moscow city and oblast, Republic of Khakassia, Irkutsk city and oblast, Vladivostok, Altai Republic, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kemerovo city and oblast, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Tomsk, Khabarovsk, Yaroslavl);

  • Territories of the Krasnoyarsk region (Abansky district, Achinsk, Beryozovka and Beryozovsky district, Birilyussy, Boguchansky district, Bolshaya Murta, Bolsheuluisky district, Dzerzhinskoye, Divnogorsk, Dudinka, Yemelyanovo and Yemelyanovsky district, Yeniseysk, Zheleznogorsk, Zelenogorsk, Ilansky district, Irbeisky distrct, Kazachinsky district, Kansk and Kansky district, Kedrovy, Kodinsk, Kuraginsky district, Lesosibirsk, Minusinsk, Nazarovo, Novobirilyussy, Novoselovo, Partizansky district, Pirovsky district, Severo-Yeniseysk, Sosnovoborsk, Taseevo, Uzhursky district, Uyar, Sharypovo, Shushenskoye, Evenkiysky district).

Exhibitors profile:

  • Technologies, engineering and equipment for logging

  • Sawmill equipment

  • Technologies and machinery for woodworking industry

  • Technologies and equipment for furniture production

  • Component parts for equipment, tools and gears for furniture and woodworking production

  • Equipment and tools for wooden construction

  • Technologies and equipment for the production of wood boards, plywood and scale wood

  • Technologies and equipment for the conversion, waste utilization and biofuel production

  • Packaging, load-transfer and storage equipment

  • Sawn timber, wood boards, plywood and scale wood

  • Wooden construction, millwork, doors, windows

  • Forest products

  • Forestry management, forest protection and reproduction

  • Software for the woodworking and furniture production

  • New developments, engineering

  • Investment and leasing companies, banks, consulting.

Honoured guests of the exhibition:

  • Vladimir Aksenov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee at Siberian Accord Interregional Association;

  • Vladimir Vekshin, Minister of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region;

  • Nikolay Bugayenko, President of the Eastern Siberian Association of Biotechnological Clusters, and many others.

Exhibition programme included:

  • The 2nd Krasnoyarsk Timber Industrial Forum:

    • plenary session «Forest conservation, protection and regeneration as guarantors of the resources security in the Russian Federation»;

    • round table «Ways to increase efficiency of forest management with regards to forest protection»;

    • round table «Forest regeneration: issues, challenges, necessity»;

    • panel discussion «Structural changes on international and domestic forest markets, reformation of forest sector: innovative development»;

    • round table «New vision of staff management system in forest industry»;

    • meeting of crop wild relatives section in the course of activities of Siberian Accord Coordination Board on Forestry and Renewable Natural Resources;

    • round table «Siberian Academic Association»;

    • round table «Delegated authority management at the regional level. Experience of territorial entities»;

    • meeting of Siberian Accord Coordination Board on Forestry and Renewable Natural Resources.

    • round table «Ways to increase efficiency of forest management with regards to forest conservation and supervision»;

    • seminar «How to sell furniture at a premium while others are dumping».

  • Professional skill competition for operators of hydraulic manipulators.

  • Seminars and presentations for industry specialists.

Medals of ExpoDrev exhibition were awarded to nine companies:

  • OOO Remtekhnika (Lesosibirsk, Russia) – for longstanding effective partnership;

  • Center of Forest Protection of the Krasnoyarsk Region – branch of Roslesozashchita (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) – for substantial contribution to the arrangement of the 2nd Krasnoyarsk Timber Industrial Forum and ExpoDrev trade show;

  • Kesla Oy (Finland) – for the development and manufacturing of high class KESLA equipment for logging machinery;

  • OOO KRASFAN (Sosnovoborsk, Russia) – for the manufacturing and marketing of large-size WBP plywood in Siberian region;

  • OOO LIGA, (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) – for the contribution to the development of furniture making industry in Siberian region;

  • OOO Tomskiye Mebelnye Fasady (Tomsk, Russia) – for the manufacturing and marketing of wide range of furniture facades in Siberian Federal District;

  • OOO ROTOR (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) – for marketing in Siberia and Far East of autonomous multipurpose combi-machines for logging;

  • Fujian Deli Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd (China) – for the manufacturing and marketing of world class woodworking equipment;

  • SHENGONG (China) – for the manufacturing and marketing in Siberian region of SHENGONG woodworking equipment.

Organizer: Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company.

Official support: Krasnoyarsk Region Government, Krasnoyarsk Region Authorities, Krasnoyarsk Region Union of Timber Manufacturers, Siberian Accord Interregional Association, VDMA.

Title information partner: Lesprominform.

Participants’ feedback:

Yana Fentsel, technical assistant at KAMI Group (Krasnoyarsk)Yana Fentsel, technical assistant at KAMI Group (Krasnoyarsk):

– Every year we participate in ExpoDrev and we are definitely going to carry on this tradition. This time we exhibited our machine-tools, one of which was demonstrated in action at our booth. This is very attractive factor for attendees, so we were managed to find a buyer for one of the machines. We are grateful to the organizers for the work done.

Amir Karychev, representative of Weinig Gruppe in Siberian region (Tomsk)Amir Karychev, representative of Weinig Gruppe in Siberian region (Tomsk):

- For 15 years we have been working in West Siberia with the German manufacturer. Krasnoyarsk region joined us in April, so this time it was kind of a study participation in the trade show. We got very positive impression. On the first day we made some contracts. Next year we will likely participate in the trade show.

Andrei Kolobov, Director of OOO ROTOR (Krasnoyarsk)Andrei Kolobov, Director of OOO ROTOR (Krasnoyarsk):

– This is the first time we take part in this trade show. Our goal was to show customers and colleagues that we were committed to enter the logging machinery market for long, and also to establish new contact, what we managed to do. We exhibited three pieces of equipment including a unique combi-machine that can replace three heavy machines. That was of great interest to the attendees. I can say that our first time at the expo was more than effective. Next year we will demonstrate our service centre and a number of machines that can be purchased right at the exposition.

Huang Yiming, Director of Millennium bagel (Beijing) Exhibition Company (China)Huang Yiming, Director of Millennium bagel (Beijing) Exhibition Company (China):

– This is my first visit to Krasnoyarsk, and I like it very much. This is very modern and future-oriented city with a high level of urban development. I think that we will continue our cooperation in the future. The main goal of our companies was to demonstrate our brands in order to enter the Russian market. That goal was achieved as we found useful contacts and new customers. For the future I am planning to attract more Chinese companies for participation in the expo.

Weing Zhongde, Sale Manager at SHENGONG (China)Weing Zhongde, Sale Manager at SHENGONG (China):

– This is our first time at the trade show, and we are very pleased with participation in it. We managed to achieve our goals – to encourage and extend brand awareness, to complete customers base and find new contacts. We have already found buyers for the exhibited equipment. Participation in a trade show always shows company’s strengths and contributes to the brand development. In addition, we heard positive testimonials on this expo and decided to come. Next year we are going to bring more equipment and also to bring timber in order to demonstrate our machines in action.

Evgeny Sisikenev, specialist at GidroTekhService (Kemerovo):

– We just start working with logging companies, so we have come here in order to get acquainted with potential customers. Here we saw a fair number of companies that can be our partners, including manufacturers of machinery manufacturers. We have established new contacts and reached agreements. I can say that participation paid off, and now there is meticulous work with new customers to be done.