«ExpoDrev (eng)»

2 – 5, 2020

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ExpoDrev (eng)


of the 16th international specialized exhibition


On September 9-12, 2014 the 16th specialized woodworking exhibition EXPODREV took place in Krasnoyarsk. It is widely regarded as the best regional woodworking project in Russia, as Krasnoyarsk region is one of the richest forest regions of the country with high potential for development of up-to-date areas of forest industry. Furthermore, the region has been ranking first in the personal income level in Siberian Federal District for several years.

“It is well known that the Krasnoyarsk region is one of the most rapidly developing regions of Russia. This is indicated by large-scale projects: integrated development of the Lower Angara region, launching Boguchansk HPP – the state-of-the-industry hydropower plant, the construction of the Kyzyl – Kuragino Railway and many others. More than 8 priority investment projects are being successfully implemented in the forest sector. Some of them are the best ones in Russia (Boguchansk Timber-Industry Complex, extension of the Lesosibirsk Woodworking Plant №1, Novoyeniseysk Timber and Chemical Complex, and others). New enterprises operating in this sphere are being launched. All these factors enable us to develop our exhibition, the more so this project directly reflects current market situation”, highlighted Alexander Ralyuk, director of EXPODREV exhibition.

Foreign experts stress the importance of this exhibition project as well. Kai Varrelmann, Director of Deutsche Messe AG (Germany), the largest exhibition company in Europe, has mentioned high international level of the EXPODREV 2014. “I think that Krasnoyarsk is a center of woodworking industry not only in the Siberian Federal District but countrywide in Russia as well. That is why we are very interested in operation in this region. On our behalf, we would like to find here more business partners to develop this direction. We are also going to improve existing relationship between German and Russian companies. We consider Krasnoyarsk Fair to be a strong partner in pursuance of this purpose”, said Mr. Varrelmann.

According to him this year there is an increased interest in forest industry, latest woodworking technologies, bioenergy development. All this requires participation not only of major Russian companies but also foreign exhibitors. “We are trying to open doors for our international customers, to reduce anxiety level in regard to entering new markets including such outlying regions as Siberia, - highlighted Kai Varrelmann. – Our company works for providing customers with as many opportunities as possible, and the Krasnoyarsk region is well suited for this objective”.

Opening ceremony

Among the speakers at the opening ceremony of the exhibition there were Yelena Vavilova, Acting Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology, Alexander Talovskiy, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Siberian Accord interregional association, Oleg Dzidzoev, President of Timber Industrialists Union of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Valery Malanin, President of the Interregional Public Organization of Siberian Entrepreneurs “Siberia Without Borders”, Kai Varrelmann, Director of Deutsche Messe AG (Germany), Svetlana Fedoseeva, Director General of Deutsche Messe RUS (Moscow), and Sergey Sobolev, Director General of Krasnoyarsk Fair exhibition Company.

“Forest complex is a considerable line of direction for the Krasnoyarsk region and Russia at large. Important steps are being made in the region to increase pace of industry’s development. Viktor Tolokonskiy, Acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, has signed a priority tasking order in the area of forest complex development in the Krasnoyarsk region. Special focus is on the region’s investment potential, provisional stimulus moves as well as on development of small and medium enterprises”, said Yelena Vavilova.

After checking out the exhibition Yelena Vavilova noticed: “Year by year the exhibition has been moving into top gear. Leading equipment manufacturers and process engineers in forest industry all around the world consider the exhibition in Krasnoyarsk to be one of the most efficient. This must be true because our major enterprises use advanced technologies and state-of-the-art woodworking equipment. These are the competitive standards in regard to sales of forest industry products. Technology and information exchange within the framework of the exhibition is very important for the Krasnoyarsk region, as 90 % of our forest products goes for export”.

Exhibition Profile

  • Technologies, engineering and equipment for logging;
  • Sawmill equipment;
  • Technologies and equipment for woodworking industry;
  • Technologies and equipment for furniture production;
  • Component parts for equipment, tools and gears for furniture and woodworking production;
  • Equipment and tools for wooden construction;
  • Technologies and equipment for the production of wood boards, plywood and scale wood;
  • Technologies and equipment for the conversion, waste utilization and biofuel production;
  • Packaging, load-transfer and storage equipment;
  • Sawn timber, wood boards, plywood and scale wood;
  • Wooden construction, millwork, doors, windows;
  • Forest products;
  • Forestry management, forest protection and reproduction;
  • Software for the woodworking and furniture production;
  • New developments, engineering;
  • Investment and leasing companies, banks, consulting.

Participants of the exhibition. Exposition

In 2014 among the exhibitors there were 170 companies from 19 countries (Austria, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Republic of Belarus, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, USA) as well as from 22 cities of Russia (Cheboksary, Irkutsk, Kirov, Khimki, Kostroma, Kovrov, Krasnoyarsk city and region, Maikop, Minusinsk, Moscow, Murom, Velikiye Luki, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Reutov, Saint-Petersburg, Tver, Veliky Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Zima).

These are manufacturing companies and suppliers of equipment and special-purpose machinery for the forest industry – sawmill and logging equipment, machines for woodworking and furniture production, etc.

In the light of current trends of forest industry development and implementation of strategic government programs, this year special attention has been paid to the topic of bioenergy. Exhibitors have demonstrated agents for timber waste utilization, equipment for the production of pellets as well as timber waste boilers. Gross exhibition area comprised 8 500 sqm.

“I would like to make a pointed reference to the growth of outdoor exposition – there were forest technology, needed large-sized equipment: harvesters, forwarders, loaders, cranes, machines, chippers and many other”, said Alexander Ralyuk. “We have also organized special ground for demonstration of sawmill equipment for everyone who wanted to demonstrate how to handle a power chain. Those participants who display particular virtuosity have recieved valuable gifts from partners”.

There were some novelties represented at the EXPODREV’s exposition: high technology scanners for lumber able to replace 10 employees, complex systems for wood processing, equipment for continuous compaction, automatic broad-ranging drying kilns for 400 timber species with online control, systems for forest resources estimation by use of special application in cell phone.

A practice of wood processing – briquetting – has been presented at the exhibition for the first time. This method enables to exclude environmental problems and ineffective raw-materials consumption. Specialists could also find innovative fibreboards, strong as steel, spruce or larch finishing board that enables to imitate expensive and quality lumber, regularized round timber with high heat resistance, and even round wood.

A high level of the exhibition with its huge potential has been appreciated by foreign participants. “Krasnoyarsk region has higher forest potential in contrast to Moscow. It means that Krasnoyarsk is a prospective place in regard to cooperation between German and Russian companies”, said Dr. Ute Seeling, Director General of the German Centre for Forest Work and Technology (KWF). “There is high-performance equipment presented at the exhibition; among the participants there are such famous companies as Jet, Ponsse, Komatsu, John Deer and others. It is pleasant to know that exhibitors demonstrate forest machinery – I think this is indicative of high level of timber industry development”.

Dr. Ute Seeling has also shared plans for the further work in cooperation with the Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company: “We hold an exhibition of forest technology as well. This is a live presentation right in the forest where we demonstrate working sawmill machinery. We brought a proposal to Sergey Sobolev, Director General of the Krasnoyarsk Fair to launch similar project within the framework of the EXPODREV exhibition in order to introduce guests of the Krasnoyarsk project to the forest technologies in operation. By the way, it will be an exclusive platform located right in the heart of Siberia – in the city of Krasnoyarsk”.

“This idea will certainly help to make EXPODREV even more popular project, - confirmed Sergey Sobolev. “At the moment we are beginning the work towards this direction, the more so we have suitable climate and geographical environment. Such platform enables to obviously demonstrate quality and power of woodworking machinery; hence it will allow increasing the number of prospective contacts and deals what is very important for exhibitors”.

Visitors of the exhibition

3653 specialists from 924 relevant organizations have visited the EXPODREV exhibition. There were guests from 30 cities of Russia, 18 cities and 33 districts of the Krasnoyarsk region.

Among the registered companies there were such major relevant enterprises as Kraslesinvest, Vostoksiblesproekt, Siberian Forest Company, Agrolessnab, Siblesproekt, “Yenisey” woodworking integrated plant, Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), Mekran, Krasnoyarskiy Tsement, BashLesProm, StroyInvest 24, Uchum-Les, Center of Forest Technology, Kodinskiy Lumber Factory, Yeniseysk Timber and Chemical Complex, IlimBratskDok, Abakanlesstroy, Sibiryak Construction Company, Trans-Siberian Forest Company, Lesosibirsk Woodworking Plant №1, KATEKLes and others.

Among the special guests of the exhibition there were Viktor Tolokonskiy, Acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, Yelena Vavilova, Acting Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology, Oleg Dzidzoev, President of Timber Industrialists Union of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Michael Bartos, project director in Deutsche Messe AG, Nikolay Bugayenko, Official Regional Representative of Bioenergy Technology Platform and Small-Scale Distributed Generation Technology Platform, MSc Forestry Thomas Wehner and many others.

Business programme of the exhibition

A series of business event within the framework of the exhibition has assembled about 400 specialists of forest industry. A conference “Day of Bioenergy” has become a key event of the programme. The meeting comprise three sessions on the following topics:

  • Session 1. Topic: “Governmental support and development of corporate affairs of bioenergy market players as a formula for success in development of Russian bioecenomics”.
  • Session 2. Topic: “Implementation of timber wastes at timber complex enterprises and in decentralized energy production. Increase of production efficiency”.
  • Session 3. Topic: “Scientific support of bioenergy development. State and regional grant policy for Research and Development”.

Participants have discussed the issues of timber waste utilizations, use of wood fuel as a renewable energy source and implementation of biotechnology at the forest-industry enterprises. These issues are the most pressing for every territory, particularly for the Krasnoyarsk region.

Leading Russian and foreign bioenergy experts have got together to participate in the forum. Among them there have been Nikolay Bugayenko, regional representative of Bioenergy Technology Platform and Small-Scale Distributed Generation Technology Platform, Dr. habil. Ute Seeling, Director General of KWF-German Center for Forest Work and Technology, specialists of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Siberian State Technological University, research scientists, leading industry experts from consulting, engineering, and timber industry companies, manufacturers and suppliers of biomass fuel boiler houses.

Conference participants have concurred that it is necessary to create an integrated platform that will combine efforts of federal and regional authorities, non-governmental organizations, and business community for introduction of biotechnology into the practice of enterprises. For this purpose an online meeting system will be launched in the nearest time to help specialists from Russia and abroad discuss pressing issues and share experience with colleagues in real-time mode.

Conference participants noticed that creation of online platform will enable to adopt and implement experience of other regions. An issue of governmental support of bioenergy development and timber waste processing with production of renewable energy was also a question of interest.

Special attention was paid to the priority tasking order in the area of forest complex development in the Krasnoyarsk region signed by Viktor Tolokonskiy, Acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region. One of the items of this order has been dedicated to bioenergy development in the region.

“Today’s discussion is being held following up our system bioenergy development activities that has been carried out since 2005. The conference has assembled skilled professionals from Russia and abroad. That is why the event had very positive results: establishment of new contacts, media development and what’s most important is elaboration of further algorithm for bioenergy development works”, said Nikolay Bugayenko (Information source: http://www.iapress-line.ru/)

The business programme has also comprised round table discussion, meeting of “Siberian Accord” Coordination Board in forest management and renewable natural resources (topic: “Meeting of the section of small and medium enterprises in forest industry complex”), round table discussion “Investment potential of timber complex of the Krasnoyarsk region” as well as two seminars: “Guidelines of supervisory activities in forest management” and “Forest products certification. Introduction to the FSC and PEFC standards”.

Closing ceremony

On September 12 the exhibition closing ceremony was held in order to finalize four days of work. Active participants gained diplomas and appreciation letters; ten companies from Germany, Estonia, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Russia had the honor of winning a medal of the Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company.

“I am glad to inform that Germany is ready for cooperation with Krasnoyarsk exhibition”, said Michael Bartos, project director in Deutsche Messe AG, at the closing ceremony. “We hope that it will be long-term and fruitful collaboration”.

In support of this statement Sergey Sobolev, Director General of the Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company, highlighted that the company is going to launch more professional events in the Krasnoyarsk area together with the German colleagues. “At the present time we are planning to organize in-field demonstration grounds as a part of the woodworking exhibition EXPODREV in 2015. The idea is to enable visitors to find working forest machinery in operation - right in the woodland. This will certainly make the exhibition even more important and interesting project for specialists of the industry”, concluded Sergey Sobolev.

Organizers: Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company, Deutsche Messe AG (Germany) and Deutsche Messe RUS (Moscow).

Official support: Krasnoyarsk Region Government (Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology), Krasnoyarsk City Administration, Central-Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Timber Industrialists Union of the Krasnoyarsk Region, DREVMASH Association of Woodworking Machinery Enterprises of Russia, Interregional association “Siberian Accord”, VDMA.

Alexey Chashchin, head of the PONSSE’s branch (Krasnoyarsk branch Remtekhnika LLC):

– It is not the first time our company takes part in the exhibition. Traditionally we demonstrate logging machinery. It is worth noting that this year the exhibition is on the same high level as last year. In 2013 participation in the exhibition was a great success for us. This year has been positive as well. Krasnoyarsk is our home region, so we are planning further participation in the EXPODREV. During these days we have managed to establish new acquaintances and to talk with our current business partners. It is pleasant to note that one of our projects – fire protection systems mounted on specialized machinery – is in good demand at the exhibition.

Andrey Shurygin, official representative of KOHLBACH, TURBODEN in Russia (Moscow):

– It is the first time we take part in this exhibition. We demonstrate boiler equipment, turbogenerators based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Being aware of region’s potential, we came to the exhibition having expected high interest in our equipment from potential buyers. We have been maintaining some contacts in this region for a long period. During the exhibition we have established some new connections. Those Krasnoyarsk enterprises that need our technology will receive lucrative and professional offer from our company.

Vladimir Zakharov, head of advertising and exhibition department in ELSI Company (Murom):

– For many years we have been participating in Krasnoyarsk exhibition. Traditionally we present self-produced woodworking rotary tooling that is in good demand in this region. A novelty in our production range is an end cutter. We produce high-quality and high-performance tooling.

We are always given a kind reception here. The exhibition is well attended. It is a great pleasure to maintain long-term cooperation with the Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company. The necessity of exhibitions is explained by their high efficiency. They help us to find many customers. This year the exhibition has been a success for us – a lot of woodworkers have visited our stand. Of course, the question of our further participation in this exhibition was decided in the positive.

Manfred Schöneberg, commercial director of SAB (Germany):

– We have been exhibiting in Krasnoyarsk for a long time. Since 1986 we have a business in Russia. SAB is a small family enterprise. It has to be said that most of sawmill enterprises that come from Germany to Russia are represented by our company. Our primary goal is good references what is very important for us. We develop long-term projects – there are several years between the first offer and the first delivery. Today we have come to the exhibition for the purpose of ensuring orders for 2020-2022. I believe that participation in the exhibition is a way to establish market presence in Russia and to find Russian partners.