«ExpoDrev (eng)»

3 – 6, 2019

«Siberia Expocentre»

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Statistics 2018
Number of exhibitors: 121
Number of represented countries: 16
Exhibition area (sqm): 8120
Number of professional visitors: 3684

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company invites you to take part in the 21st  International specialized exhibition ExpoDrev!

The organization of this event on the Krasnoyarsk land has a number of serious advantages.

First, the Region is among the leading ones in forest resources and industrial wood. Nowadays the industry is faced with a task to increase volume of timber conversion. This means that the Region needs new technologies and new machinery for that.

Second, nowadays Krasnoyarsk region is one of the most thriving ones in Russia. There are eleven priority investment projects being successfully implemented on the territory of the region, including «Kraslesinvest», «Priangarsky LPK», «Sibles Project», «Xylotech-Siberia», Mekran Managing Company, «ForTrade», «LesService», «Sibirsky Les», Yenisey Woodworking Integrated Plant, Krasnoyarsk Center of Construction, and «Koshurnikovo».

All this proves that ExpoDrev is an effective platform for demonstration of machinery and equipment samples for logging, woodworking and furniture industry. Here you have all the conditions for promotion of cutting-edge technologies, equipment and tools for forest industry complex.

Exhibitors Profile:

  • Technologies, engineering and equipment for logging
  • Sawmill equipment
  • Technologies and equipment for woodworking industry
  • Equipment, tools and materials for furniture production
  • Component parts for equipment, tools and gears for furniture and woodworking production
  • Equipment and tools for wooden construction
  • Technologies and equipment for the production of wood boards, plywood and scale wood
  • Technologies and equipment for the conversion, waste utilization and biofuel production
  • Packaging, load-transfer and storage equipment
  • Sawn timber, wood boards, plywood and scale wood
  • Wooden construction, millwork, doors, windows
  • Forest products
  • Forestry management, forest protection and reproduction
  • Software for the woodworking and furniture production
  • New developments, engineering
  • Investment and leasing companies, banks, consulting

Exhibition programme:

  • The 4th Krasnoyarsk Timber Industrial Forum – conferences, round tables, seminars on topical issues in the industry.
  • DemoDay for presentation of logging and woodworking machinery in action.
  • Excursions to woodworking factories in Krasnoyarsk area