«Siberian Entrepreneurship Forum»

17 – 19, 2019

«Siberia Expocentre»

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Statistics 2017
Number of exhibitors: 119
Exhibition area (sqm): 2500
Number of visitors: 9784

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We invite you to participate in the Interregional Siberian Entrepreneurship Forum.

The section “Entrepreneurship in Siberia. Investment Environment” is aimed to the demonstration of business services; provision of assistance to small-sized businesses for efficient application of funds and finding their place in the contemporary market; demonstration of methods to support and develop small and medium enterprises, as well as cutting-edge technology and forms of work of governmental, financial and public structures with small-sized business.

The section “Procurements. Business services” serves to establish fair, open and transparent access mechanism for small- and medium-sized businesses to procurements of infrastructure monopolies and state-owned companies; contributes to public procurement out of public funds, to open discussion of the issues of the existing practice in the application and improvement of the Government Procurement Law, to sharing Russian and international practices in the government procurement system.

In 2015, a new section ‘’Franchising” was added to the Forum, what enabled franchisers to expand their business to regions and local entrepreneurs to operate the most successful brands.

The section is focused on solving the following problems:

  • Training young entrepreneurs in order for them to acquire knowledge and skills essential for franchising;

  • Possibility of the distribution of ready-made business offers to other regions as well as creation of platforms for partnership between entrepreneurs on the regional level;

  • Possibility to learn about technology in franchising, international and Russian concepts, and to be engaged in negotiations with representatives of well-known brands;

  • Possibility to get loan advice for making startup capital;

  • Creation of conditions for cooperation between entrepreneurs for the purpose of sharing experience and development of joint projects;

  • Possibility to get legal advice on franchises.

Taking into account all the above mentioned, participation in the Siberian Entrepreneurship Forum is a real opportunity for exhibitors to expand sphere of business partnership and to develop effective marketing strategy.

Exhibitors profile


  • Industrial franchise

  • Catering franchise

  • Retail / Commercial franchise

  • Service franchise

  • IT and Internet franchise

Banking and Finance

  • Banks, Leasing companies, Mortgage agencies

  • Insurance companies

  • Managing companies, Investment companies, Non-government pension funds, unit investment funds, brokerage offices

  • Audit companies, Accounting companies, Tax consulting

Office and Banking Equipment

  • Office supplies and equipment

  • Bank equipment

  • Presentation materials and corporate gifts

Business Services

  • Management, Consulting

  • Marketing, Advertising

  • Legal services

  • Human Resources management and Recruitment

  • Business education

  • Security guard activities, Business security

  • Business tourism.

Business Information Technology

  • Software

  • Electronic commerce systems

  • Information systems

Entrepreneurship Support and Development Infrastructure

  • Establishment

  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry

  • Funds, Associations, Leagues, Unions, Self-regulating organizations

Government Procurement

  • Federal and regional executive authorities in the Russian Federation

  • State and local government customers

  • Russian and foreign suppliers of goods, works and services for state needs.

Forum’s programme includes conferences, various round tables and seminars.