«Ideal of Beauty»

March 22 — 25, 2018

«Siberia Expocentre»

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Statistics 2017
Number of exhibitors: 159
Exhibition area (sqm): 4960
Number of visitors: 9705

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company invites you to take part in the Ideal of Beauty exhibition 2018!

A large number of fashion and beauty industry specialists create personal style today. There are over 2000 companies at the territory of Krasnoyarsk region offering such services. The demand for beauty salons is annually increasing.

Expecting summer, Ideal of Beauty exhibition unites the companies and specialists of beauty industry and reflects the modern person lifestyle.

Aesthetic cosmetology studios, training and health centres, image-studios, professional cosmetics brands and equipment distributors take part in the exhibition. Representatives of beauty industry, such as cosmetologists, hairdressers, stylist, manicure specialists and so on, and representatives of fashion industry, such as clothes designers, retailers of clothes, footwear and accessories attend the exhibition annually.

Participation in the Ideal of Beauty exhibition is not only the presentation of your services and products to the final customers but also the mean of promotion of your company to the new specialized markets.

Exhibitors profile

· Professional cosmetics

· Cosmetological equipment

· Hairdressers equipment

· SPA equipment

· Nails service

· Cosmetology and hairdressing services

· Medical cosmetology

· Beauty salons furniture and accessories

· Sun rooms and suntan products

· Personal care means and household cleaning products

· Decorative cosmetics

· Dietary supplements

· Educational institutions

· Specialized books.