October 12 — 14, 2017


Specialized exhibition of telecommunications and transmission media, computers, information and Internet technologies.
October 19 — 21, 2017

Siberian Entrepreneurship Forum

October 19 — 21, 2017

Real Estate Fair

Specialized exhibition of items of immovable property, real estate activities, property development services, mortgage lending and property insurance services.
November 15 — 17, 2017

Siberian Agricultural Forum

Major ground for demonstration of achievements in agricultural sector; specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery, technologies and equipment for horticulture, animal husbandry, farming; fresh products fair.

November 22 — 24, 2017

Oil. Gas. Chemistry

Equipment and technologies for enterprises in petroleum, petrochemical and gas production industry. 
November 22 — 24, 2017

Siberian Energy Forum

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – exhibition of electrical products, household appliances and equipment.

ENERGY. THERMAL POWER. ENERGY- AND RESOURCE SAVING – exhibition of electrical, thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power industry, power engineering, alternative energy sources, and resource saving technologies.

AUTOMATIZATION. ELECTRONICS. ROBOTECHNICS. INSTRUMENTATION – exhibition of control systems and means, and systems of automatic control, measurement and checking; operation and production management automation; industrial automation; industrial electronic components.

LIGHTING ENGINEERING – exhibition of industrial and household lighting equipment, lighting control systems, and lighting solutions.
January 23 — 26, 2018

Construction & Architecture Show

specialized exhibition of construction and architecture projects, new construction technologies and equipment, construction and finishing materials.
January 23 — 26, 2018

TechStroyExpo. Roads

Specialized trade show for road-building machinery, technologies, construction and warehousing equipment.
January 30 — February 1, 2018

Metalwork and Welding Show

  • Machine building
  • Instruments
  • Metallurgy and metalworking
  • Casting and welding
  • Protective clothing and uniform.
February 1 – 3, 2018

Education. Job and Career

Febrary 28 — March 2, 2018

Siberian Dental Forum

Specialized exhibition of dental equipment, materials, technologies and services.

March 15 — 17, 2018


Specialized exhibition and forum of medical equipment, innovative medical technologies, emergency medical service, laboratory medicine, expendable materials and comprehensive fit-out services for clinics.

March 22 — 25, 2018

Siberian Jewellery Salon

The exhibition of jewelry, precious stones, equipment and technology for jewelry industry.
March 22 — 25, 2018

Ideal of Beauty

Specialized exhibition of cosmetics and perfumery products, hairdressing, cosmetic services and equipment.

March 28 — 31, 2018

Food industry. HoReCa

Specialized exhibition of food products, and food and processing industry equipment.